Class Overview


This Fundamentals of Photography class is open to all ages and abilities but aimed towards beginners wanting to improve on basic photographic knowledge and skills.

This class covers the following topics:

  • Areas of Photography
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Camera Menu Items
  • Camera Settings
  • Composition
  • Hands-On Shooting
  • Post Production / Editing Software


Instructor Aaron Palaian has been around art and photography for a majority of his life. He graduated with honors from the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago with a BFA in Visual Communications with studies in Painting, Graphic/Web Design, Art Direction, and Photography.

After college Aaron worked as a designer at Leo Burnett, a Middle & High School Art Teacher, Event Director, & Professional Portrait & Travel Photographer. He recently moved back to Michigan (Lake Orion) after over a decade in Houston, Texas and is excited to spread the knowledge and passion for photography that he's acquired over the years.


Saturday, November 16, 2019 10:00am-2:30pm

10min breaks will be given from 10:50am-11:00am and 1:20pm-1:30pm. A 30-min lunch break will be given from 12:00pm-12:30pm.


Picasso's Grapevine - 4215 Clarkston Road Clarkston, MI 48348

Look for the historic barn. Once inside you will be directed where to go for your class.

How Much?


All students must complete online registration through the link below to take part. The entry fee includes the course, parking, water, coffee, snacks, and a box lunch.

How Many?

30 Seats

While it is not a requirement that students bring their own camera and lens it is highly recommended.

Class Curriculum

Hour 1 - 10:00am-11:00am - Personal Intros & Photographic Equipment Overview

During the first hour we will go through some brief personal classroom introductions and learn about photographic equipment such as the camera body, lenses, speed lights, tripods, filters, bags, straps, batteries, memory cards, computers, editing software, and more. This will be a brief overview.

BREAK - 10-MIN - 10:50AM-11:00AM

Hour 2 - 11:00am-12:00pm - Camera Menu, Modes, Settings, & Focus

During the second hour we will learn about the camera menu/settings as well as what each shooting mode means focusing primarily on the manual setting diving into aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and both manual and auto focus.

LUNCH BREAK - 30MIN - 12:00PM-12:30PM

Hour 3 - 12:30pm-1:30pm - Shooting in the Field

After we come back from lunch we will meet in the classroom, pair-up, and go outside to shoot around the Picasso's Grapevine grounds. Students will be given a shot list and challenged to complete it within the 45-50min allowed working closely with their partner to finish the list. The instructor will work closely with all students to ensure that questions are answered and advice/guidance is given. All students without cameras will be grouped up and be allowed to use any cameras the instructor has brought to class (usually 1-3 cameras).

BREAK - 10-MIN - 1:20PM-1:30PM

Hour 4 - 1:30pm-2:30pm - Adobe Lightroom Basic Editing

During the last hour the instructor will take a RAW unedited photo and edit it in front of the class using Adobe Lightroom. The instructor will go through each step on the big screen explaining what he/she is doing along the way and answering any questions the class may have. This hour will provide a very basic knowledge of adjustments made to exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, whites, blacks, levels, curves, color, vibrance, and saturation.

This last hour is meant to give students a very basic working knowledge of a few post production skills they'll need to preform minimal improvements to their photographs. Anyone seeking a more in-depth look at the post production process and more complicated work are urged to signup for the editing class that will open up in the future months.