Please show respect to all photographers and their work.

As artists, our human nature is to share what we create with the world. Our hope is that long after our time on earth has passed, our visions transcend time and live forever through the viewing of our life’s work.

But, being a photographer also means that we spend a lot of time and money mastering our craft. This includes continuing education, equipment acquisitions, travel, insurance, and spending countless hours both behind the lens shooting and behind the screen editing photos. Just like any other business, we also have to simultaneously market our work and maintain our businesses via emails, websites, and social media channels. All requiring even more time, effort, and money.

From the general public’s viewpoint it’s easy to see an image, take it, use it to whatever benefit may be needed, and justify not paying for it by giving the artist “credit.” The truth is that giving “credit” alone does little to nothing for the artist in most situations. Yes, we create to share our vision, but we also need to make money to support our families, something that grows increasingly harder to accomplish when our imagery is used without permission/compensation.

Please show all photographic professionals the respect and courtesy of contacting them and obtaining their written permission (email) to use the photo(s) that interests you. Sometimes we allow free usage of an image but it still requires our permission. Other times compensation must be given along with obtaining that permission.

All images contained within this website ( are owned and managed by Aaron Palaian of Aaron Palaian Photography LLC, DBA Created By Aaron. Image usage, in any way, without written permission, is strictly prohibited. Please send an email to request temporary or permanent usage rights. Thank you.